Maisha Health Fund launches virtual pharmacy

Maisha Health Fund (formerly Steward Health) has introduced Virtual Pharmacy, which allows members and non-members to order prescription drugs on the phone.

The virtual pharmacy aims  to ensure that Zimbabweans are getting the care and support they need while encouraging temporary social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected nearly 7 500 people in the country.

Cassava Smartech chief executive officer Mr Eddie Chibi said the innovation was made possible through group synergies with VAYA Express, bringing to fruition the group’s mandate to give Zimbabweans access to easy technology enabled health services.

“We are determined to enhance access to safe health services in this Covid-19 pandemic where social distancing is a need for people with pre-existing health conditions. To minimise public exposure, home deliveries are being made within a 20 kilometres radius from the central business district,” he said.

The first launch of virtual pharmacies has begun in Harare and will be rolled out to other major cities and towns throughout Zimbabwe.  Currently the pharmacy can be accessed remotely as well as by visiting Borrowdale Bon Marche at Sam Levy’s Village.

“Our aim is to provide convenience and simplify access to essential medicines for our subscribed members,” Maisha Health Fund Managing Director Mrs Hazel Banza said.

The medical insurance giant under the healthtech business of Cassava Smartech rebranded in May 2020 to reflect its enhanced product packages. Since then, members are now accessing new benefits arising from group synergies, and convenience during the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

The Health Fund services go beyond basic medical aid into providing medical fund. It covers both individuals, corporates, burial societies through a wide range of medical packages suitable for any pocket size.

The medical aid members also enjoy peace of mind as they have access to an extensive network of healthcare service providers for consultation, hospitalization, medical tests, drugs and any other medical procedures at their convenience.