Fund tackles medical aid shortfalls

Maisha Health Fund (Maisha Health) has introduced new comprehensive packages that will fully cover medical expenses for patients in Zimbabwe.

The new packages are expected to ease the burden on patients, who were being forced to cover shortfalls and make co-payments out of their pockets.

Cassava Smartech chief commercial officer Givemore Jojo said the group’s medical insurance arm, Maisha Health (formerly Steward Health), was now fulfilling its promise by unveiling an array of packages that give members access to more benefits.

“We are excited to launch these new packages that address issues of shortfalls and co-payments, which are a major source of frustration to many people,” Jojo said.

“Although the world is still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we saw it fit to concentrate our efforts on enhancing health service delivery through video consultations and home delivery services of medication, in line with Covid-19 safety guidelines.”

Maisha Health’s new packages insure members against shortfalls and co-payments when they seek medical attention and also provides them with additional benefits, such as free delivery services (of medicines) and free Covid-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and rapid diagnostic testing on admission at hospitals.

The packages will also see members access video consultation on the Maisha Medik App, among other benefits.

Maisha Health MD Hazel Banza expressed confidence that the new packages would go a long way in helping many people in the country who are struggling to access decent medical aid service.

“We also have packages where corporates can set aside a fund that we manage on their behalf,” Banza said.

“The companies have the leeway to decide the amount of contribution per employee, and the waiting period.

“They also get a low-claims bonus.”

Maisha Health recently introduced affordable medical cover for all through the Essential Health Benefits offer, which is accessible by simply dialling *147#.

Banza said existing packages would remain available to current members, who also have an option to upgrade to the new, enriched packages —
without any waiting period.

The health fund currently provides medical cover to several corporates, individuals, schools and tertiary institutions nationwide. Its members enjoy access to a wide network of doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and labs nationwide.

Members also enjoy added benefits, that include hospital cashback, free technology enabled devices for diabetic and hypertensive patients, free EcoSure funeral cover, and more.