Affordable medical aid cover
for only USD5
Dial *147#
and register today

About MaishaCare


MaishaCare is a low-cost medical aid cover for everyone who feels like they cannot afford medical aid. You only pay USD5.00 per month and registration is very simple, you dial *147# on any type of phone.

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  • Doctor’s consultation
  • Emergency consultation
  • Prescription drugs access
  • Road ambulance service
  • Consultation via the phone (Call 147)
  • Hospital Cashback
  • Free Health tips SMSs

How to sign up

  • Dial *147#
  • Select Maisha Health Fund
  • Enter Ecocash Pin
  • Select Register
  • Confirm Personal Details
  • Select US Dollars
  • Choose Zimbabwe & Your Province
  • Select MaishaCare
  • Pick USD5.00 Package
  • Confirm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maisha Health Fund?

Maisha Health Fund is a subsidiary of Ecocash Holdings that focuses on provision of health insurance to individuals, corporates, schools and colleges around Zimbabwe.

Has Maisha Health Fund rebranded to MaishaCare?

No – Maisha Care is a product under the Maisha Health Fund. Maisha Care is a low-cost medical insurance to provide essential benefits.

How much are monthly contributions?

USD$5 per month per member.

What benefits can I access with MaishaCare?

Doctor’s consultation, prescription drugs access, road ambulance, consultation via the phone (Call 147), hospital cashback and health tips via SMS.

What do I do when I need an ambulance?
  • Call Mars Toll free line 182
  • Share with the agent your policy number/phone number registered on Maisha Care.
What do I use when I visit the Doctor?

Use your phone number registered on Maisha Care.